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Labrada-Crealean Power

Labrada-Crealean Power

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"lean muscle mass when combined with a rigorous training program. Our 100% pure German pharmaceutical grade is the purest Creatine Monohydrate available. Recent scientific studies show that Creatine can help pack on 5-10 lb. of lean muscle mass in as little as 30 days. Add it to your training program today.

* Increases lean body mass and strength in weight training athletes!

* Comes in easy-to-use, hassle-free wide mouth jars! No more spilling!

* Contains a convenient 5 gram measuring scoop for accurate dosing!

* Pure and potent...lab tested and guaranteed.

* Economical 500 gram canister!

Additional description

Labrada is one of the prominent companies and the primary producer of a vast array of bodybuilding and nutrition products. Products being sold in the market are primarily categorized accordingly as muscle builders, protein shakes, protein bars, fat and loss energy, and recovery products that is. Paying more focus on muscle builders, there is indeed a variety, which bears a lot of individual specific indications. Considering such fact, one of the newest supplements that Labrada Nutrition now produces is the CreaLean 100% Pure Creatine.

CreaLean 100% Pure Creatine is a muscle building supplement that is primarily comprised of an amino acid known as creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate functions by increasing tolerance to physical activity as well as increasing the strength and body mass of the supplement taker. Thus, individuals who tend to increase the period of exercise will meet no problems when taking such supplement since it has the ample capacity of increasing intensity levels during workout and other rigorous activities. Besides that, having CreaLean 100% Pure Creatine as the primary supplement will definitely pose no threat as it have been proven to pose no significant adverse effects. Thus, choosing CreaLean 100% Pure Creatine is a product that is highly reliable and equally effective as compared to other body building supplements made available in the market.

So don't be fooled by the various features being laid out to you by several different companies as most of these have not been therapeutically proven to be effective and highly significant to pose positive effects. Thus, choose to live healthy by choosing CreaLean 100% Pure Creatine."